About Us
A unique mission to serve the Diaspora, and back home

Two missions in one!

Every visit to Egypt fills us with both blessings and wonder. The sheer beauty of our Church and her treasures are breathtaking. And every return to North America comes with mixed feelings.

How can we share those beautiful treasures from our monasteries and craftsmen (and women!).


I started out with icons and iconography. It symbolizes so much of our heritage. If a picture is work a thousand words, an icon is worth a thousand times a thousand words. So much, that each beautiful icon that is sent out, takes with it a piece of us. I often don't hold an icon for more than a day or two, enough to fall in love with it, and send it on its way.

As I got to know many of the iconographers first-hand, I got to appreciate their dedication and love for their art, but also their hardship. Every icon they draw, helps them keep their craft alive.

While I would love to work with every iconographer, I make my selection based on the quality of the work and their dedication, but also how much the work means to them.

Vestments & Tunics

I wasn't expecting to help procure Tonias to our many deacons in the Diaspora. But I was happy when the requests started coming in. The ateliers in the monasteries produce wonderful work, if only they get noticed more. Very soon, you will be able to order custom icons on our website!. Subscribe to our newsletter below to hear when the new page is up.

And our beloved priests who serve us day and night deserve beautiful vestments. My goal is to visit every church we have procured for (maybe I'll wait for pandemic to subside).

A learning experience

Dealing with Egypt is a much bigger challenge than I expected. My Arabic has improved (I have yet to learn to read and write), enough to appreciate all those who make this mission possible. Shipping, moving products to our shipper, ensuring I get exactly what I ordered, makes the experience ... interesting.