We are live (again!) -- March 20, 2021

Welcome to our new site

We are excited for the launch of our new site! It took over a month to migrate from our previous platform to our own self-hosted platform.

If you are interested in the technology details, please contact us. Could be useful if you want to launch your own e-commerce sites and learn from our experience.

There are may reasons why we HAD to do this, and they mostly revolve around two things: customer experience, and our own experience (the smoother it is, the faster we can ship products out, list new products etc.). There are more details in the following section.

New products and new partnerships

Now that we are able to focus on what matters, we are proud to have launched a few initiaties, in-line with our dual mission (support the crafstmen / women and enrich our homes)

Ostrich & Wooden Egg Icons

Double-sided eggs with an icon of Resurrection on one side, and an icon of His Passion on the other. This required remotely locating suppliers for the Ostrich and Wooden eggs, designing the eggs with our iconographers, and going through multiple proofs to get a final polished product.

This limited-edition batch is made for Easter 2021 and will only be made on pre-order.

Our first Puzzle

A beautiful cartoon take on traditional iconography, the seven Sunday readings are carefully illustrated with verse references. A fun and educational activity for our kids to enjoy and learn during one of the holiest times of the year.

Hand-crafted Wood Products

We now carry a large collection of hand-made wooden crosses, bookmarks etc. The designer has received acclaim from HH Pope Tawadros due to her great work (a separate post on that shortly).


We are releasing shortly cold and hot tumblers with Coptic and Christian symbols and messages. We have carefully selected suppliers and proofed many iterations of each design. We are truly proud of this endeavour (I personally plan on owning one of each!).

Customer experience

Our previous platform (Etsy) was great and all, but it wasn't suitable for the long-term. It was meant as a place for arts and crafts mostly. A few things also made it a challenge to stay in this platform:

  1. Inability to bundle shipping - customers had to duplicate shipment payments. We now automatically bundle an order into the smallest box possible to reduce shipping expenses.
  2. Lack of shipping discounts. We are now able to offer the discounted rates that shippers offers to business customers (which can be upt to 50% less than consumer rates).
  3. Difficulty in adding content, such as blog posts and videos.
  4. Related products shown during checkout were often unrelated to our mission.
  5. Difficulty in offering tailored promotions which reflect our unique situation (for example, customization of icons or tunics)

The future

We can now focus solely on our mission, knowing that the tech is working in tandem with us. We are fortunate and blessed to have access to the technical resources to make this a reality.

Praised be His Name!